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ServallCity is our “icon” to convey our efforts from being just a parts distributor to a complete service on demand provider. ServallCity is a bundle of services that are available and can be customized depending on what your needs may be…and services are continuously being added and developed!
The focus of these services is to help our customers reduce cost and increase productivity by using the technology provided in ServallCity. Because of the architecture of our ServallCity network, we can help customers reduce or virtually eliminate future costs on computer hardware upgrades and replacement. Technologies that were once affordable only for the wealthy are now becoming affordable when used in a scalable model such as ServallCity. Talk to us if you would like more information.
Servall is combining superior appliance parts service and the technology of software on demand to provide for you a real one-stop source of supply and service.

Servall Parts: 800.989.7378

Servall IT Support: 800.899.3658


Servall Invoices

If you would like to view your invoices online through WebD3, you can request online access here: http://webd3.1stservall.com .

To have your invoices/statements emailed to you, please call our IT Department @ (800) 899-3658 and have your Servall customer number ready.

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